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Building Inspection Iluka

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Iluka or Woombah, Inspect provide a professional property inspection service that includes consultation by licensed builder and also timber pest specialist.

Iluka is a beautiful sea side town located on the Clarence River across from Yamba. Iluka provides coastal living surrounded buy nature reserves only a stones throw from Woody Head and Woombah.

Its easy to see why more and more people are moving to or retiring in Iluka. Having inspected hundreds of houses throughout Iluka and The Clarence Valley, Inspect are your local experts.

Why Inspect is the #1 choice for Building & Pest inspections in Iluka.

Inspect are a local Inspection company that provides building and also timber pest inspections if you are looking to purchase or sell a property. What sets us apart is the fact that you receive two inspectors on every job. This includes a Licensed builder and also a timber pest specialist. We include consultation, Photographic reports and also the use of the latest in High tech equipment to identify hidden defects.

Important: Inspect is one of the few inspection companies that provide a licensed builder to inspect the property. Make sure you get the right advice!

High tech equipment is now a requirement with building and pest inspections, and we use both thermal and the termite radar. Other equipment includes moisture meters, and a drone to inspect roofing elements at heights where a ladder won’t reach.

pest radar

We provide consultation up to handover at any time, advice and having our builder can also include recommendations on renovations repair and structural elements.

Same day easy to read reports. We do not waste time, ensuring you do not lose the sale and are 100% confident in your investment.

Why it is vital to have a Lic builder inspect the property.

A licensed builder can provide advice and consultation where others who have completed a 3 day home inspection course can not. Most purchasers and vendors need to know information that could include estimations, Advice on renovations or repairs and reasons why structural issues are present and so forth. If you engage a company who are not licensed builders, you risk having to pay double for the inspection and they may recommend further advice from a licensed builder.

Inspections can include the following:

building inspection iluka

We can provide tailored inspection services in Iluka and Woombah with a building and pest inspection or after you purchase the property. This may include Investigating town planning and approvals, Providing recommendations on building and structural issues, provide estimations, Ensure compliance on rental properties and much more. 

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Inspections if you are purchasing in Iluka and Woombah.

Pre-purchase building and pest inspections are carried out on behalf of the person purchasing a property to ensure there are no hidden issues that may be a financial cost to the purchaser or lender.

Two inspectors work for the purchaser assessing the property for items such as potential defects and safety issues and so forth. In addition, The inspection will cover timber pests such as termites and potential issues with the building that may attract them. This inspection is carried out by a Licensed Builder and a Licensed Timber Pest Inspector.

Inspect provide two detailed photographic reports (Building & Pest) outlining the findings and emailed within 3 hours of the inspection with also a follow-up call to ensure your 100% clear on the condition of the property you are investing in. For further info regarding building and pest inspections click here.

Inspections if you are selling in Iluka or Woombah.

If you are selling a property in Iluka or Woombah, having a pre-sale building and pest inspection report completed prior to sale or an Auction can work in your favour and save time and hassle.

A pre-sale inspection report is carried out on behalf of the Vendor to allow transparency for Auctions or Listings. Providing a pre-sale inspection will give peace of mind to all parties knowing the property is in good order or will give the Vendor time prior to listing to address any issues.

Having a Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection prior to listing can save on delays with sales falling over and or unwanted surprises that may lead to unrealistic negotiations.

Our pre-sale inspection reports can be handed out at auction with no additional fees or sale costs.

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Checklist when booking a Building and Pest Inspection.

➜ Two inspectors, not one. Both with years of experience. A licensed builder and also a timber pest inspector.

➜ 2 x Digital photographic reports (Building & Pest) emailed same day of inspection.

➜They use the latest fault detection technology including thermal cameras, An aerial drone, Termite radar, and moisture detection equipment.

➜ They provide a phone call directly after the inspection to discuss the overall findings.

➜ They are local and know local Council Requirements, Are familiar with local building design and environmental factors, Do not charge extra for travel.

➜ They work independently for you.

➜ They provide ongoing advice if required and they can provide estimations, advice on structural, building works where a non-licensed builder can not. They can also provide a termite management plan in accordance with current standard AS3660.2.17.

Inspect – Same Day Property Reports are based in Yamba, Our local inspectors Andy & Dion will help you make the right decision if you are buying or selling a property. Obtain peace of mind on your property or investment, Call today.

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Important information regarding Building & Pest Inspections N.S.W

➜ NSW laws, unfortunately, do not require a person carrying out a building and pest inspection to be a licensed builder. By engaging our services you can have confidence knowing our building inspector has had over 30 years experience in the building game and is a licensed builder, Our experienced licensed builder inspecting your property will ensure you receive the right advice.

➜ If the Real Estate Agent has recommended or insisted you use the company they recommend, Think again. In some instances, agents will prefer a building and pest inspection firm whom they are comfortable with and may provide repeat referrals in return for relaxed reports. Use an independent inspection firm that works for you.

➜ The pest side of the inspection is equally important and this is why we believe two inspectors experienced in their own field is essential. Having a pest technician who actively deals, treats and understands termites ecology and life cycle will ensure you receive the right advice. Don’t book a company with someone who has completed a 3-day course, Is not a licensed builder and has never treated or protected houses against termites.

➜ In NSW, if you are delayed with your decision to purchase a property you may risk losing the sale to another party, This is commonly called Gazumping. Our service guarantees a report returned to you via email within 3 hours of the inspection with also a follow-up call.

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