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Inspect™ Same Day Property Reports provide expert and comprehensive Dilapidation reports Australia Wide for Developers, Council, Contractors and Property Owners.

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Dilapidation Reports also known as Condition Reports snapshot the condition of a building prior to works being carried out and are used to compare the results after completion.

This form of reporting can safeguard a developer and or a homeowner to ensure a building has not been affected by movement caused by machinery or earthworks.

Building Inspection Grafton

Dilapidation inspection reports Australia Wide include, Licensed builder who has a fundamental understanding of building design to carry out the inspections, Aerial Drone, Detailed Photographic Reports either prior to or prior to and after completion.

Expert Dilapidation Reports

a damaged building after a dilapidation report

If you are a developer or a home owner a dilapidation report will paint a true picture of a building prior to and after works have been carried out.

This form of inspection involves identifying all structural issues such as cracking and movement also taking into account site and environmental conditions such as drainage.

It is important to ensure anyone carrying out these inspections is experienced with a full understanding of building design, Not a three day course completed inspector. All our building inspectors are licensed builders with a fundamental knowledge of building design and can comment on structural items where others can not.

Who May Need A Dilapidation Report?

Road Workers – Heavy equipment and roadworks can cause ground movement resulting in movement to buildings.

Council – Council Works may require dilapidation reports to safeguard against claims from home owners after construction works.

Home Owners – Homeowners may require independent dilapidation reports as proof if a claim was to arise. The owner of the report could prove in a Court of Law that damage and movement to a structure was the result of works within close proximity.

Dilapidation Report Process

A dilapidation report is compiled by a Licensed builder after the inspection is carried out. The inspection process can take up to two hours per visit. The inspector identifies, measures and photographs cracking, movement, defects, drainage and so forth.

A dilapidation report

A report is compiled documenting all these items. Our management software provides easy to read Dilapidation Reports and will store the reports on a cloud based system allowing the consignee of the report to access at any time.

After the works are completed a second inspection is carried out and the two reports are compared. In some instances one inspection may be sufficient. Please confirm with Local Council requirements for job tenders such as roadworks if a final inspection is also required.

Our report format is approved by council and complies with AS4349. Our inspectors are Licensed Builders and Insured.

Dilapidation Inspection Package Can Include

  • Aerial Drone Inspections (CASA Licenced)
  • Asbestos identification and testing (NATA Approved)
  • Consultation/ Court Representation
  • Organising Access With Tenants
  • Dilapidation Reports Australia Wide and in all Major Cities.

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Dilapidation Reports Australia Wide

Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Northern NSW, Townsville, Darwin, Canberra, Coffs Harbour, North Coast.

*Prices may vary (Less than $440 or more than $440) depending on how many inspections are required, the location, additional services required and the time frame required.

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