1) Wet areas and waterproofing: Showers and wet areas can leak. It is important to ensure that if you are buying a property especially if it has had any recent renovations or recently constructed with a new tiled wet area, You ensure it has adequate waterproofing. This can be determined by obtaining a waterproofing certificate.

2) Falling from heights. If you are buying a property to rent out there is new legislation that requires compliance for bedroom windows with a floor height over 2 MT to have a safety restriction device put in place to stop children falling out. Latches can be installed to stop windows opening past a certain point.

3) Asbestos. Asbestos is a health hazard. Most houses that are built up to the 80s or 90s can contain asbestos. Asbestos comes in two forms. Friable and non friable. Non friable such as wall sheeting or ceiling sheets wont pose a threat if left painted and untouched. Friable means loose and can come (very rarely) in the form of insulation and so forth. Asbestos needs to be tested to be confirmed. Removal by a licensed contractor is advised.

4) Electrical. Some older houses may not have an electrical safety switch. It is important to ensure a safety switch is installed to prevent any risk associated with an electrical fault. Safety switches are designed to trip the power to prevent injury or death.

5) Swimming Pools. When buying a house you should ensure you are provided with a pool safety certificate. This report does not constitute a pool inspection.

6) Renovations, Certification, Not certified and so forth. Ensure any renovations and additions are approved by council.

7) Plumbing and septic tanks. Some shires and local councils have certain sewerage waste requirements. Ensure the property you buy meets these requirements. It is advised to engage a licensed plumber to inspect the sewerage system prior to purchase.

8) How much will it co

st to fix? A building and pest inspection will only identify the issues. We recommend you obtain 3 quotations from local tradespersons if works are recommended to be carried out.

9) Fire Safety. Dividing walls in multi-lot or duplex buildings should have adequate fire separation wall to the underside of the roof. Smoke detectors save lives. Ensure the property you purchase has adequate operating smoke alarms. This inspection does not test or certify smoke detectors. It is recommended to be tested by a licensed electrical contractor.

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