Some simple tips to prepare your home for sale. These tips will ensure that when your property is listed, You have the chance to get the most at sale and avoid over inflated price negotiations or sales falling over.

1. Remove clutter in around or under house

2. Patch and paint walls

3. Give the property a heavy duty clean

4. Steam clean or replace carpets

5. Tidy up gardens and outdoor areas

6. Upgrade door handles

7. Ensure all appliances and lights work

8. Ensure all doors and locks work

9. Make sure smoke alarms are in order

10. Bathroom & toilet repairs

11. Make available any approvals and certifications for building works

12. Notify us of any previous termite history

13. Obtain a Pre-Sale inspection *

14. Attend to maintenance recommendations

15. Obtain a pool inspection if applicable

* Having the knowledge of any defects prior to purchase eliminates the chance of aggressive negotiations  and sales falling over. Identifying defects will give you the opportunity to rectify prior to listing. In addition, a report with the tick of approval will provide peace of mind for all parties and speed up the process.